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Welcome to Public Land For The Poor Man

  Let us begin by saying we do not claim to be experts in any one of the many skills required for a wilderness back pack hunt. We have; however, had great success and enjoyment with our methods. We are not against people hunting on ranches or private land, this may be their only option.

Question; are you tired of watching hunting shows that are filmed on ranches or private land, where shooting a trophy is no more skill then pulling out your check book and dishing out $10,000 dollars? For the most part these guys are out of shape, lazy, sold out, and disrespectful. They make offensive comments after the harvest such as "smoked them", or "really put a smack down on that one". Comments and people like this are disrespectful to the sport, the animal and worst of all they make all hunters look bad to the general public.

While visiting our site, hopefully you will find our tips helpful and gain some knowledge about hunting elk and other species in the Rocky Mountains. May you have a great season and remember the hunt is not just about the kill, but about the whole outdoor experience.

Watch our website for a unique video we plan to produce this year...

God bless!

Ryan and Scott Kiefer